Canada can’t afford to lose a generation of top research talent

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An excerpt from an aericle written by Elizabeth Cannon, President of the University of Calgary. Read in full at The Globe and Mail.

Prove it.

It’s a schoolyard taunt that can shut down a lot of arguments. But for the scientifically minded, it’s an open challenge.

The Advisory Panel on Federal Support for Fundamental Science has proposed an agenda for Canada that will take the young and curious-minded who are ready to prove it and support them to become the next generation of Canada’s research leaders.

The panel, led by Dr. David Naylor, gives us a road map to hold our place and chart a path forward in the world of scientific research. It offers a blueprint for sustained excellence in investigator-led research across disciplines.

We need to act on the report now. We need the best minds on our biggest problems. We need to be competitive in attracting and growing talent. There is too much at stake if we don’t get it right.