BHER welcomes student interns for summer 2019

The Business + Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) welcomes Liam Daher and Julia Göllner as their inaugural interns for summer 2019. As an organization focused on helping all post-secondary students pursue a work-integrated learning opportunity, BHER is thrilled to have two students join the team.

“For me, hiring students for this summer goes beyond our mandate and commitment to work-integrated learning: it’s a necessity for our organizational growth. Julia and Liam will bring what they’ve learned in their academic programs to help guide our policy, communications and business development, and then take the practical experience from this summer back to class in September,” said Isabelle Duchaine, BHER’s Director.

Liam, currently enrolled in the Sprott School of Business’ Bachelor of Commerce program at Carleton University, will be working in Ottawa. Julia, a fourth-year student at Queen’s University, currently enrolled in Political Studies, will be working out of Toronto. To learn more about BHER’s interns, click here.

“Beginning the internship with the Business + Higher Education Roundtable is incredibly exciting. This is my first opportunity to bring together everything I have learned at university and contribute to a professional environment. I am looking forward to everything I will learn in my time with BHER,” said Julia Göllner.

“I am thrilled to work with the team at BHER in advancing a mission rooted in supporting opportunities for young Canadians to contribute to an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace. I look forward to the challenges and experiences we will face as an organization this summer,” said Liam Daher.

Both Julia and Liam have begun their terms and will be working closely with the full-time staff. The interns will spend fifteen weeks engaging on a variety of projects and issues related to work-integrated learning, student employment, and skills development.

Work-integrated learning is the process through which students come to learn from their experiences, and BHER is committed to providing an inclusive and engaging process for the new interns. Throughout their internship, we will be checking in with Julia and Liam as they navigate their new roles and contribute to the BHER mission.