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SmartICE is a WIL partner for the Business + Higher Education Roundtable (BHER).

SmartICE is a community-based Work-Integrated Social Enterprise (WISE) offering climate change adaptation tools and services that integrate Inuit knowledge of sea ice with monitoring technology. Their information contributes to more informed decisions for safer sea ice travel and supports community economic development such as outfitting and fisheries. By augmenting local knowledge and supporting traditional sea ice use, SmartICE also promotes Inuit culture, intergenerational learning, and community well-being

This partnership between BHER and SmartICE will create over 100 new work-integrated learning opportunities in Inuit Nunangat and Newfoundland and Labrador. In addition, SmartICE will develop WIL resources to specifically support Indigenous students in Northern communities.

For more information about SmartICE, visit their website: