Work-Integrated Learning

Yes we WIL!

Through the department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED), the Government of Canada works in partnership on the Business + Higher Education Roundtable’s (BHER) flagship work-integrated learning (WIL) initiative. Since 2019, BHER has been working with the Government of Canada to promote the value of WIL and build a network of partners to advance and strengthen the WIL ecosystem. This partnership is guided by the goal to create 44,000 WIL opportunities for students. 

How can WIL help you?

We are living in rapidly changing times. The pace of innovation, disruptive new technologies and rising global competition for talent mean that today’s graduates are entering a labour market dramatically different from the one that awaited previous generations of Canadians. With career trajectories less linear, and jobs requiring a very different mix of skills, Canada needs a fresh approach to meeting the challenges that exist at the intersection of business, education and employment.