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We identify challenges, follow the evidence, and act on it.

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Our Story

BHER is the only organization in Canada that brings together the country’s leading companies and post secondary institutions to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing Canada’s learners, workers, educators, and employers. As we’ve grown, we’ve built in-house expertise and capacity to generate the evidence and thought leadership needed to drive systems change in sustainable ways.

We led the charge to increase the capacity of Canada’s employers to invest in and create quality work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities. Employers and educators were clear that this was the key to helping them develop stronger talent pipelines and future-proof the world of work.

Along the way, we learned that the evidence needed to drive meaningful change doesn’t always exist. And that the data and insights on “what works” is limited, especially when it comes to communities underserved by skills and talent initiatives. We learned, too, that what does exist isn’t always mobilized in accessible, easy-to-find ways, nor is it always practical, strategic, or solutions-oriented.

Our Areas of Focus

Our R&D team brings together well-established experts in applied research who focus on developing insights and creating impact in four key areas:

Skills and Talent

Skills & Talent
We close priority data and knowledge gaps, while helping governments, employers, and educators create and scale solutions that address skills needs and cultivate a more skilled, agile, and adaptable workforce.

Future of Work

Future of Work
We bring together stakeholders to help Canada’s learners, workers, industries, and institutions navigate the future of work.

 Innovation and research partnerships

Innovation & Research Partnerships
We are working to create a stronger culture of innovation and research partnerships in Canada by leveraging existing strengths, deepening collaborations, and supporting growth.

Inclusive and sustainable recovery

Inclusive and Sustainable Recovery
We support Canada’s economic recovery and help businesses and higher education build more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient workforces.

Rigorous, evidence-based insights are necessary for our work – but they’re only part of the equation. We also act on what the evidence tells us.

Our Approach  

Engagement-driven research and impact-focused development (R&D+)


We know that R&D is not a one-size-fits-all practice, so we provide a toolbox of approaches for members and partners. We specialize in project management; qualitative and quantitative methods; data analysis and impact measurement; GBA+; human-centered design and experimentation.

Through all phases of our R&D work we take an inclusive, engagement-driven approach that leverages BHER’s other strengths in convening, program delivery, tool and resource development, and knowledge mobilization. Critically, what we learn on the ground with our members, our research, and our program partners shapes our R&D priorities.

BHER Research & Development Approach

This feedback loop is what allows us to drive impact and change. It’s how we keep Canadians informed and connected to the experts, networks, and resources they need. It’s how we support relationship and capacity building and stronger collaboration within and across sectors. Importantly, it’s how we build skills and training systems for the country that are sustainable, resilient, and inclusive.

Taking this approach is also what allows us to be so successful with WIL. It’s how we built our WIL Resource Hub.

Our Research Projects

BHER’s national network of partners allows us to connect and collaborate with diverse educators, employers and community leaders. These partnerships enhance our rigorous research methods and we integrate their insights into our WIL Hub and R&D priorities. 
Our research projects have established BHER as a driver of innovation and transformative change for skills and training in Canada.


Through a national consultation with businesses, PSIs and stakeholders, our R&D team determined what tools and resources employers need to create quality WIL, then we built them. Our WIL Hub has more than a dozen resources and tools for employers to explore, invest in and create quality WIL, including a Find Your WIL tool, an ROI Calculator and guidance on how to create a more inclusive workplace.

Visit the WIL Hub

Skills Survey

BHER, in partnership with the Business Council of Canada, has conducted the 2022 and 2020 skills survey. The biennial survey provides unique insight into current trends in the Canadian talent market through the eyes of human resources executives at some of Canada’s largest employers. The findings in the report reflect the changing needs of employers and highlight the opportunities that exist to develop future workers, including up/reskilling, tapping underrepresented groups, and recruiting more recent immigrants.

Empowering People for Recovery and Growth: 2022 Skills Survey Report 
Investing in a resilient Canadian workforce: 2020 Business Council of Canada Skills Survey

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategies in WIL

BHER’s guide to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in WIL offers employers actionable steps to foster more inclusive WIL experiences and equitable transitions into the workplace for all students.

Learn more about our work on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategies in WIL

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