What's in it for you?

Labour market trends are everchanging and disruptive, requiring an adaptable mindset from employers and a diverse set of skills from students. As facilitators and connectors, educators are well positioned to make life-changing impacts. Practical Work-Integrated Learning opportunites enhances the educational experience for students -- and prepares them for an increasingly competitive labour market. Quality Work-Integrated Learning programs can also help your insitution stand out as an educational leader in an increasingly competitive space. 

“Experiences of this aptitude are second-to-none,” says Lindsey Boechler, program head for Sask Polytech’s paramedic programs and School of Health Sciences. “It allows our students to experience real world situations in a safe environment, enhancing their ability to address complex or unfamiliar situations upon graduation.”

Lindsey Boechler, program head for Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Paramedic programs and the School of Health Science 

“Through this collaboration, our students have a wonderful opportunity to be placed around the world to be prepared for a wide variety of needs,” said Goodman Dean Andrew Gaudes. “We’re addressing individual students’ personal and professional fulfilment objectives and recognizing that they are interested in participating and contributing in a meaningful way beyond the boardroom.”

Andrew Gaudes, Dean of Brock University’s Goodman school of business 

“It is incumbent on Colleges and polytechnic institutions to discover new programs and new ways to lead and contribute to the innovation agenda” says Chris Whitaker, President, Humber. “Having the support of industry partners validates the potential of the concept we are promoting as a part of the solution to Canada’s innovation challenge, while providing students with the opportunity to continue their development.”

Bob Barrett, President and CEO of Polytainers said his foundation is solidly behind the initiative. “This is the type of program that will help students develop the skills...